At this year’s AGM the society created a new post within the 2012 committee: the Fundraising and Sponsorship Manager. This year the role is being filled by Michael Sawaryn, a friendly member of Symphony Orchestra known for his mother’s highly sought after and delicious charity brownies.

Last year the society put on multiple concerts in a variety of venues, organised a highly successful charity event in the form of the Big Sing and engaged with over 400 primary school pupils in our annual Spring Education Project. This was completed exlusively from the subscription fees of our own performing members and Gold members.

In order to ensure that we are performing in the best available venues and are able to attain the most exciting and high quality music, we often need to take part in additional fundraising activities. These have usually existed as bake sales around the university campus or during the intervals of our concerts and are vital in allowing us to fund bigger and better concerts.

It is often difficult for busy committee members to run such fundraising efforts on their own. Also, in order to expand our scope and to allow us to better fulfil our mission, we always seek to attain additional corporate sponsorship. In order to take control of this, and to manage our incoming finances alongside our Treasurer the Fundraising and Sponsorship Manager will seek to gain the support of local and national businesses who wish to align themselves with positive action in the wider community.

If you have any queries regarding how the society makes or spends its money, or wish to discuss opportunities surrounding sponsorship, please contact Michael at