Welcome to the new year! We hope you had fantastic Christmasses, Yules, Solstices, Monkey Days, Festivuses, Ziemassvētkis, Mummer’s Days, Hanukkahs, Yaldās and holidays, and that Hogmanay was equally festive for you…

This coming semester is a very exciting one for the Edinburgh University Music Society: not only will we be realising the full potential of our sponsorship by Red Dog Music, but there will be an epic performance on the 23rd March by Symphony Orchestra in the Caird Hall as we accompany dance groups from the City of Dundee; Sinfonia and Chorus’ joint performance of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 2 on the 15th March and of course, our Spring Education Project.

Rehearsal dates for the first week back are as follows:

  • Symphony Orchestra: 6.30pm Monday 14th January @ Reid Concert Hall
  • Chorus: 6.50pm Tuesday 15th January @ St. Peters Church Hall
  • Sinfonia: 10.30am Saturday 19th January @ Reid Concert Hall

Concert details are thus:

  • 15th March – Chorus & Sinfonia @ St. Marys Cathedral, Palmerston Place
  • 22nd March – Symphony Orchestra @ Greyfriars Kirk
  • 23rd March – Symphony Orchestra @ Caird Hall, Dundee

As ever, more details will follow as the year progresses. We look forward to joining you in 2013!