For the benefit of all those performing on the day, here is a plan of what will be going on on Saturday:

The concert dress for the day is BRIGHTLY COLOURED TOP HALF / DARK LOWER HALF. You are welcome to bring your own music, and we will have the Novello version for hire on the day (to be collected after the performance) for £3 a copy.

The day’s schedule is as follows:

Saturday 22nd October, 9.30 am
Doors will be opening at this point and will be welcoming you into St Cuthberts ready to start rehearsals.

9.45 am
We will begin hiring out music and congregating in preparation for rehearsals. Tom Butler will most likely begin the rehearsal at 10 am.

1 pm – 2 pm
Lunchtime! There are plenty of nearby places to eat on Lothian Road and around the West End. The church will be open during this time so you are also welcome to bring your own lunch.

2 pm
Rehearsals will resume with the soloists and our very own orchestra. If you are unable to attend the rehearsals in the morning then you are welcome to join us at this point in the day.

6 pm

7 pm
Ideally you will have returned to St Cuthberts at this point to prepare for the performance. The orchestra will tune up at around 7.15 pm.

7.30 pm
We will begin the concert: There will be a speech from Bethany’s director and the auction for conducting the Hallelujah Chorus will take place. We will then perform Parts One and Two, have a break (while Tom gives a quick masterclass to the highest bidding conductor), return for a repeat of the Hallelujah Chorus and round off the performance with Part Three.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning!