Unique network of university orchestras launches website

We are always increasing our visibility across the globe, and increasing the ability of music societies and bodies to widen their reach. We have recently been helping the ENUO (European Network of University Orchestras) develop their network as a founding participant. This may also ease the organisation of tours to Europe in the future, probably meaning better repertoire and better venues. Read on to find out a bit more…

ENUO (European Network of University Orchestras) was created by Uppsala University in late 2011 by Stefan Karpe with the goal to bring the organisation and the members of university orchestras in Europe together to exchange information and create opportunities for touring and exchange. The intention is to extend the idea of European citizenship by internationalising university music and encouraging students to play music together with students from other European countries, that have a different language and culture. By doing so there will be an exchange of culture and ideas as the students share a creative experience and learn from each other. Today there are already 93 orchestras in the network from 16 countries in the European Union.

“University students within the European Community come from various cultures and they speak many different languages. But when students from various cultures are playing different musical instruments together, as in a symphony orchestra, they communicate with each other through one language called music.”

Stefan Karpe
Director Musices Royal Academic Orchestra, Uppsala University

The network will help the orchestras to contact each other more easily, so they can exchange information and tips and help each other with touring and sheet music. It will also be easier for orchestras to initiate musical collaborations within the network. Also the individual members of the orchestras will benefit through the network. They can join the project orchestra and other activities of ENUO to make music with students from other studies, universities and countries. They are also encouraged to study abroad and join an orchestra in one of the universities in the network. ENUO should function as a kind of social network for them. Most of these goals will be achieved with the help of ENUO’s website (www.enuo.eu) which will be launched on the 22nd February 2012.

“There has long been a need for a common platform for European university orchestras. The network will help to highlight the opportunities for exchange students to keep playing in an orchestra and to share experiences and knowledge among the orchestras.”

Kasper Teglgaard Koch
Chairman of SymfUni – University of Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra

“The Manchester University Music Society’s orchestras are joining the ENUO because we think it is a fantastic opportunity to broaden our music-making experiences. Whether it’s organizing events locally or international tours, we hope that ENUO can provide support for us, and we look forward to helping the other member orchestras in their own endeavours. We hope that ENUO becomes a strong, robust network that strengthens music making in Universities across Europe.”

Seb Huckle
President of the Manchester University Music Society