Our Socials

The Edinburgh University Music Society rehearses hard. There are three rehearsals a week between our ensembles, and as the date of our concerts draws nearer we usually have even more. The advantage of such a rehearsal schedule, however, is that we see lots of each other. Sometimes we as a society need to relax, have a good natter and generally enjoy each others’ company, and that is precisely what our socials exist to do.

EUMS socials take many forms. Following all rehearsals we have space booked in a regular watering hole (Bar 50 following Chorus rehearsals and Teviot Row House and Malones for our orchestral rehearsals) where we get a free buffet. Sinfonia, finishing their rehearsals on a Saturday lunchtime, usually have some grub in the student union at Teviot.

Classical music making is always an incredibly sombre affair.

Classical music making is always an incredibly sombre affair.

If it is food you are after then we cater annually for the culinary needs of our members. Every year the society holds its sectional meals, where the various sections from each of our ensembles organise their own dinner (sometimes hosted by one of our own) and have a good chin-wag over some great nosh, followed usually by a bit of a party when all of the sections reconvene at a predetermined venue.

We also have numerous “recreational” events during the year. By far the most popular is the EUMS Ball, incorporating a formal meal followed by a ceilidh, rounded off with some rather informal boogie-ing. We as a society have an almost unhealthy love for karaoke, and many of our socials involve many of our more senior or alumni members making enormous fools of themselves with a microphone in hand.

The EUMS Ball is considered by many to be the highlight of the year...

The EUMS Ball is considered by many to be the highlight of the year…

One major aspect of the social calendar is intramural hockey. Contrary to popular belief, many of our most distinguished musicians are also pretty mean with a stick in hand, and we have beaten off many a hardy team over the years (most notably the maniacs from Agricultural Sciences), recently finishing second in the league.

The most important feature of our socials is to reinforce the bond between our members. With such a large society it can be exciting making new friends with people who were actually performing in the same concert as you, and even more interesting making friends with sections in other ensembles that you might not see in rehearsals.

For further details about our socials, to ask about intramural hockey or to discuss matters of a social nature generally, email our Social Secretary at social@eums.org.uk.