Freshers Week is your opportunity to meet tonnes of new friends, meet like-minded people and have a great time – and that’s exactly what we want to give you the opportunity to do through what we’ve got going on in Freshers Week as a society.

On Monday and Tuesday we’ll be having a bake-sale in Bristo square, with lots of music-themed cake/other goodies – please come along and say hello to us! We’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about our society, and can also sign you up for orchestral auditions which take place later on in the week.

On Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have a stall at the Societies Fair, where we’ll be able to give you lots of information about all 3 of our ensembles, and other ways you can get involved in our society throughout the year. Here, again, we can sign you up for an audition slot for our Sinfonia and Symphony Orchestra.

On Thursday night, we’re hosting a ‘Scratch’ rehearsal at 6pm at the Reid Concert Hall, where everyone is welcome to come along and have a play and a sing with members of the society – very informal! This is to give you a wee taster of what we do as a group. Then afterwards we’ll be having a pub quiz, where you can impress us and each other with your musical knowledge/witty/funny answers [points will be awarded for any of these]. This is in the spirit of the post-rehearsal pub sessions 3 times a week to which all members of the society are welcome to come. So come along to the Reid Concert Hall on Bristo Square 6-9.30 on Thursday night for an evening of musical fun!

Freshers auditions will take place 9am-5pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Freshers Week. For more information about this please see the previous website post titled ‘How to Audition’.

Rehearsals start the very first week of classes, with our first 2 concerts being in November – Chorus and Symphony Orchestra will be joining together to perform Verdi’s Requiem in the McEwan Hall, with Sinfonia performing a fantastic programme featuring Dvorak, Sibelius and Smetana.