Name: Jamie McDonaldmeetthefresherjamie

Age: 18

Hometown: Helsinki

Degree: International Relations

Instrument: Trombone

Post Sinfonia Drink: Jura 10 year old

Favourite Symphony: Sibelius 1


Tell us a little bit about your musical background before you came to Edinburgh?

When I lived in the UK still, when I was about 11, I played in school orchestras and concert bands. Nothing that fancy really, that was my taster for it all! Then I moved to Finland and started playing in a wind orchestra, that’s where I stuck but I had a little dabble in a university orchestra when I was 16, and everyone else was 25! [EUMS wonder if they are as sociable as us!] I played piano for a long time before trombone though too!

What have been you most memorable moment of your EUMS membership so far?

That’s a tough one but it will have to be sectional meals with Das Mute, when I had to drink a whole trombone mute of beer in one. So what we all want to know is, did you succeed? Almost, almost! I will succeed next year, I promise you all. [EUMS is going to hold him to that one]

You are president Vicky’s chosen fresher. How does this feel?

It’s quite scary in some respects actually. She likes to have a lot of power over me and I’m trying hard to kind of distance myself from her. But otherwise it has been fun, there have been benefits [I wonder what these benefits are? President Vicky has kept them VERY quiet] and how are you living up to the task? I suppose you’ll have to ask her that, I can’t be telling…

You are a committed member of our hockey team, what’s the biggest kept secret on the Peffermill pitch on a cold Friday night?

Ummm, I think it’s ummmm, ehhh. It’s not really a secret anymore but Kevin Hanley is our biggest secret with his one handed skills. I think it’s basically how we are going to win all the rest of our games this year.

Who did you have your eyes on at the EUMS Ball? Those dance moves must have won you some attention?

I was asked to go with several people. Sadly I had to disappoint a lot of them. There is nobody really just now. [EUMS GIRLS, Get in there quick before he is snapped up]

If you could play another instrument what would it be?

If it was orchestral it would be the trumpet anything else it would be tenor sax. Patrick said trumpet in our last interview as well, what’s so special about the trumpet? I think it’s because I’ve been playing trombone which is nice, but the trumpet has all the interesting parts and bits that everyone can hear. It would be nice to be heard a bit more. [Don’t cry Jamie…I think he’s feeling a bit bitter – Trombone concerto for next Sinfonia concert?]

What has been your best Sinfonia moment so far?

Playing Finlandia by Sibelius in the first concert I played in because it reminded me of home and went very well! [Tears are most definitely now falling! It’s all too emotional. Someone pass me the tissues.]

You are playing some interesting repertoire this semester with Sinfonia. Where and when is the concert and most importantly what are you playing?

Ehhh, it’s in March sometime [Correct]. I have no idea when. Where? I presume it’s here in the Reid [Correct! Nearly there Jamie].What? Something by Wagner which I don’t know the name of… Schumann 4 and the Beethoven but I’m not playing in that. [At last, we got there – well just about!]

Any final words for EUMS?

I don’t really think so. I’ll think of something later. [We are still waiting]