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Memorable Concerts From The Past

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9
Performed many years ago, this brilliant performance proved to be as popular as ever with both performers and audience and for certain youthful Chorus members of the time it served as a replacement for Mahler 8 as the standard to which joint EUMS concerts were compared.

Rossauro: Rhapsody for Percussion and Orchestra
This was performed at the Symphony Orchestra concert in November 1998 and featured Matt Birch as the soloist on the percussion. This proved to be a very different and unusual concert which provoked a lot of “What on earth is that?”-ing from audience members as yet another weird and wonderful instrument was picked up!

Bizet: Carmen
This concert staging of the opera Carmen was a somewhat different venture for the EUMS in which we needed no less than 8 soloists and a great many rehearsals. Thankfully the brass section of the orchestra were rescued by Teviot’s 99p pints which they made great use of during the rehearsal breaks (Alas! Gone are the days of such prices… Inflation has taken its toll). This concert again proved popular with some for singing on the coach on that year’s tour to Prague but they were gagged and bound until they promised only to sing Mahler 8.

Verdi: Massa da Requiem
Another time, another Verdi Requiem. Not to be confused with the 2007 140th Anniversary rendition, this concert was an all time classic, with the unforgettable Dies Irae echoing grandly about the Usher Hall. This was our last concert in the Usher Hall before it was closed for restoration work so many years ago…

Mahler: Symphony No. 8
One of the greatest EUMS concerts of all time. The archetypal EUMS concert – our epic rendition of this masterpiece sadly fading even from the minds of oldest members of the society – consisted of a chorus of well over 300 and a huge orchestra of 150. Echoes of grand concerts on this scale resurface from time to time, but they often peter out to nought but a whisper.