Chorus sang to an unbelievably high standard throughout the tour, whether members were hungover or still drunk, the notes were hit and the tuning was… relative!

A completely unaccompanied programme including a newly written piece hot off the press from the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate. ‘Ubi Caritas’ by Paul Mealor was a huge success, written for a choir of small boys and men singing alto, chorus just did it without the small boys… Labelled a hit at the royal wedding, it succeeded in being one on tour as well.

Chorus provide an incredible sound in Amiens Cathedral.
Chorus provide an incredible sound in Amiens Cathedral.

A large section of our concerts each day (to the orchestra’s delight) was dedicated to the 15 minute long Allegri ‘Miserere’. The latin wasn’t perfect but we had fun in making it up. Bruckner motets opened our concerts and softened us in to whatever echoing and wonderfully large place of worship we were in that day. A round and blended sound, these pieces gave us time to settle and show that a large choir of our number could still capture quieter moments.

Leading onto my favourite piece of tour, Whitaker’s ‘Sleep’ giving us both the opportunity to capture quiet moments and indulge in the huge soaring lines, this piece had everything!

All of the music was under the steady hand of Nicholas Fletcher, the clashing dissonances, sumptuous harmonies and overall the thrilling ride of singing on a hangover, much fun was had by all.

Laura Reading