Having only joined Chorus at the beginning of this academic year I am considered a new member of the Music Society.  During this year I have found the weekly singing sessions to be an incredible break from studying and have been a great relaxing and creative pastime. Throughout this year I have met many people from Chorus, however I have found that it was MUSOC tour that gave me the opportunity to make great friends with not only these Chorus members but orchestra members too.

This year we travelled by bus and ferry to Belgium in which we did two concerts: one in Ghent and one in Bruges. We then jumped back on the buses and journeyed onto Amiens where we performed our last concert. Although the bus journeys sound like they could be not so fun they were actually a great bonding session and of course being MUSOC, endless hilarious songs were sung. After spending a long time on a bus singing these songs our behaviour was hardly going to change when we continued our journey on the long over night ferry arriving in Holland.  It was glorious weather and so we all gathered on top deck of the ferry where the songs continued and in a way it could have been our first performance!

The Society in all its glory...
Everyone gathers following our final performance.

We were extremely lucky and with the help of our incredibly organised committee members and tour manager Andy Laing our concert venues were stunning. Amiens cathedral was by far the largest venue and for me the most poignant concert.

Having not known many people in MUSOC before tour I have been able to get to know so many incredible and fun people. I am so glad I chose to go on tour and am looking forward to the next one! Thank you to everyone who helped make MUSOC tour so amazing.

Georgie Fraser