Community Engagement


The Edinburgh University Music Society has a great time making music, and we would love for this energy to reach members of the community who might not otherwise have access to music-making, or to classical music. There is so much fantastic work already going on, and we encourage this by working to promote a high standard of music in the community, and by making provisions already on offer more widely accessible.

Within this vision we have three main avenues of work: promoting the work of charities and music-making bodies; encouraging interest and involvement in classical music through our concert and tour programmes; and creating our own hands-on musical projects within the community.

For the past few years, EUMS has been expanding the work and projects we do both within the University and the wider Edinburgh community. In 2010, following a year of extensive work with schools and communities in the Edinburgh area, EUMS won the coveted Edinburgh University Students’ Association Community Action Award.  Our projects can be anything from carol singing at Christmas to our Symphony Orchestra playing at the Caird Hall, Dundee with 200 school children dancing on stage!

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