Corporate Support

Our Strengths

Edinburgh University Music Society is Scotland’s foremost student music organisation with a reputation for outstanding music-making, energy and innovation. We are proud to have an ever-expanding position within the musical culture of Scotland, having become the first Scottish university music society in 1867.

Since 2010, the EUMS brand has expanded to incorporate a widely recognisable online presence and has become highly successful in broadcasting our aims and events to a far-ranging audience.

The society performs ten or more times a year, in locations across Edinburgh, the UK and indeed the world. Our brand is seen by thousands of people throughout the year, bringing the community into contact with a wide array of publicity material. Our Spring, Summer and Winter Concert Series are a well-known feature of the Edinburgh musical calendar.


What Can We Offer?

Sponsorship is an exciting, creative way for your business to partner with Edinburgh University Music Society in a manner that suits your company’s mission and objectives.  Sponsorship at various levels offers comprehensive benefits packages, which include marketing opportunities, society-wide publicity material branding and unique corporate events.  By supporting EUMS and its activities, your company can enhance its brand and communicate directly with local audiences, whilst demonstrating a passion for supporting the local community.

Put simply, sponsorship of our society inspires current and potential customers to invest in your brand.

Sponsorship of Edinburgh University Music Society guarantees your company:

    • Increased visibility and enhanced brand awareness through logo accreditation on all marketing and publicity material, including a presence on our highly-popular website.
    • Inclusion in EUMS’s extensive publicity campaigns.
    • Brand merchandising opportunities in the context of the society’s regular concerts and tours.
    • The opportunity to affiliate your company with the oldest student music society in Scotland, the quality and dedication in our performance and our extensive programme of work in the community.

Edinburgh University Music Society offers two sponsorship options. This means that we can tailor our benefits to your input, and allows us to work together to get the best out of our partnership.

Event Sponsorship

Our society offers a unique marketing advantage in that we allow exposure to a very wide demographic. From the children involved in our eduction projects and the student body that make up the majority of the society through to the range of ages that attend our concerts: we provide a very effective way to ensure that your corporate devices are seen by many.

Events we undertake include our concerts, education projects, international tours, charity fundraising events and social functions. All of these offer different opportunities to allow you to align your input with the maximum marketing output to a target audience suited to your product.

In exchange for meeting some or all of the costs of an event or events you will be given access to a range of benefits including:

    • Visibility and branding on programmes, posters, flyers, our website and the opportunity to set up an exhibition stall at the event(s).
    • Complimentary tickets to our concerts, no matter what event you are supporting. These are provided with additional benefits such as seat reservations and free programmes.
    • Exclusive access behind-the-scenes with our musicians and organisers.

We can also provide chamber musicians for any corporate events that you hold within the period of your support, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Asset Sponsorship

The society often requires equipment, resources and facilities that can be both costly and difficult to obtain. By providing these at reduced costs you will be exposing our members and our audiences to your brand, and will also be ensuring that we can continue to complete our mission to the best of our ability.

Asset sponsors are also entitled to the benefits detailed above and we will tailor these according to the scale of your input.


Be it on our website or in concert programmes, advertising with the society lets you tap into a wide demographic, whilst also allowing you to be confident about the people who engage with your brand.

From individual concerts to an entire Season, EUMS can put together a flexible advertising package to suit your needs and your budget. Our programmes are printed in high quality and provide another way to engage with a new audience, and our website has upwards of 2000 views per month.

Prices for programme advertisements are as follows:

  • For a full concert series: £60 for half a page, £100 for a full page.
  • For a single concert only: £30 for half a page, £50 for a full page.

Web advertising prices can be established based on your individual corporate needs.

If you wish to advertise in one of our concert programmes or would like to discuss further the opportunities surrounding corporate sponsorship then contact us at