As is the case with most student-run societies, it is the Edinburgh University Music Society’s members that are the most important feature. Without them we would be little more than a pile of disused music stands. We are run by our members, for our members.

Membership can be gained by anyone, and annual subscription costs £30 for students and £60 for non-students. Membership grants access to all of the ensembles (though don’t grab an instrument and head straight for Sinfonia or Symphony Orchestra: you will have to audition too) and allows discounted entrance to any of our concerts that you decide to attend as a part of the audience.

In order to become a member of Chorus you can come along to one of our rehearsals and speak to our Manager. For Sinfonia (excluding strings) or Symphony Orchestra you must arrange an audition with either of the two managers during the University of Edinburgh’s Freshers’ week, details of how to do this will be circulated in timely fashion. Subscription fees will be collected by our treasurer during the first few rehearsals.

Members are involved in all stages of the decision making process, through interacting with our Ensemble Managers and by speaking directly to our committee. This includes our concerts, socials and tour, along with the general running of the society.

To keep up to date with society goings-on and to have your say, join our Members’ Facebook group.

All members are required to adhere to our constitution, which defines the manner in which the society should be run. This can be accessed here.