The Edinburgh University Music Society is a self-governing student society managed by the conductors and an annually appointed committee of members. Each of the three ensembles is run by their respective Managers and the Society’s finances are managed by the Treasurer.

The Mission of the Edinburgh University Music Society is the encouragement and promotion of music throughout the University of Edinburgh and the wider community.

The society is run by an elected group of seventeen members known as the committee. These include our office bearers (the President, Secretary and Treasurer), Ensemble Managers and Librarians, Publicity Managers, Social Secretaries, Community Outreach Manager, Tour Manager, Ordinary Member and our Sponsorship and Alumni Manager. Though the committee lead the organisation of the Society and its events, all members are encouraged to get involved, and many of our additional activities are organised by non-committee members.

To keep up to date with society goings-on and to have your say, join our Members’ Facebook group.

The following people were elected into their respective committee positions at the Annual General Meeting held on the 29th March 2018:


Margaret Renton President
Ioana Băltăreţu Secretary
Andrew McCroskie Treasurer
Izzy Henry Chorus Manager
Laura Ritter Chorus Librarian
Jack Law Sinfonia Manager
Lissie Cook Sinfonia Librarian
Arno Von Kietzell Symphony Manager
Nathalie Weibel Symphony Librarian
Cecilia Horacek Social Secretary
Mary O’Brian Social Secretary
Lisa Shields Publicity Manager
TBC Publicity Manager
Ella Ogilivy Tour Manager
Tim Espin Community Outreach Manager
TBC Ordinary Member


The society is run according to laws defined by the EUMS Constitution, a copy of which can be found here.